Lonesome with a Sweet Melody – By Gunhild Carling


Lyssna i Spotify

Lonesome With A Sweet Melody (Sheet)



Lonesome With A Sweet Melody Big Band Arrangement

Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Alto 1|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Alto 2|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Banjo|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Bass|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Chords|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Guitar|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Piano|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Score|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Tenor 1|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Trombone 1|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Trombone 2|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Trumpet 1|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Trumpet 2|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Violin 1|Lonesomewith a sweet melody|CBB|Voice|


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